While kids across the country are learning to build fires and paddle canoes this summer, kids in California are learning to predict tides and surf epic waves. Perfect Day Surf Camps are taking youngsters to the beaches of Redondo, Manhattan, Santa Monica and Torrance to teach them the ways of the unpredictable ocean and how to harness its power through riding waves. Perfect Day Surf Camp was recently praised by the travel experts at...

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It is that time of the year when the weather is warm and everyone is looking for a weekend getaway or a short vacation away from their busy schedule. It also happens that your birthday, bachelor/bachelorette or graduation party falls on these dates. You are probably wondering on how to plan the party at the same time make the most out of the good weather. Why not plan a surf party? This will surely captivate your buddies and make them...

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If you are thinking of an activity your child can take part in, surfing is one great option you should consider. In order to get the most out of the sport, both adults and children may need to go for surf lessons. There is a lot your child can learn and benefit through the surf lessons. Skill The child is trained according to their ability. An ideal surf camp should have a high ratio of instructor to learner. The instructor is...

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Every time you think of a holiday, your mind automatically goes to a beach. The beach offers a combination of both luxury and adventure. Sitting at the beach getting a tan or even swimming in the water gives you such a nice thrill and helps you create memories that you’ll treasure for a long time. What makes going to the beach even more fun is surfing. Many people are afraid of surfing simply because they don’t know how to surf. Good...

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When traveling to California, you can rest assured you will be enjoying a new adventure. The state of California has so much to view and experience that you could visit often and still not see it all. As with any vacation or weekend trip, you have to find something to do as well as eat. It can be fun when traveling to California to try new foods as the state is known for offering unique cuisine. Consider trying a variety of foods when...

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People living in the areas near the beaches love to have fun and frolic at the beaches. Windsurfing is a great entertainment routine. However, one should learn how to do it the proper way. It is always better to learn the intricacies of wind surfing before venturing into the sea. Perfect Day Surf Camp is the best place for you to learn how to windsurf. They have many programs as follows. Located at Redondo Beach, South California, and...

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Santa MonicaManhattan BeachRedondo BeachTorrance

Santa Monica, this location is one parking lot South of the Annenberg Beach House which is a public beach facility where you can enjoy the pool, sign up for stand up paddle boarding, yoga and more while your kids are surfing.  You can also enjoy the beach front restaurant Back on the Beach Cafe.  We are along the bike path where you can also get in your exercise if interested or simply do a free drop off and pick up in our convenient parking lot.

530 pacific coast highway    Google Maps

Manhattan Beach is located just South of the Manhattan Pier at 7th st.  You can take a nice walk to the pier and enjoy the various restaurants and shops.  We are along the bike path where you can also get in your exercise if interested or simply drop and pick up your kids at our free drop off and pick up location at 700 Ocean dr.


Redondo Beach, we have two locations in Redondo (Redondo and Torrance).  Both are South of the Redondo Pier, but the “Redondo” location is our weekly city camp on the Northern end of the Esplanade and the “Torrance” location is at the Southern end of the Esplanade and is our more flexible camp where you can schedule by the day.  We are along the bike path and have free pick up and drop off along the street at Knob and Esplanade.


Torrance Beach, this location is at the southern end of the Esplanade bordering Redondo and Torrance Beach.  You enter the large beach parking lot on Paseo De La Playa and go to the south end near the exit and mountain side where you will see our camp vans and sign in table.  We are along the bike path and walking distance to the Riviera Village.  This camp is our flexible, schedule by the day camp.





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