á       Discuss the importance of allergies? 

á       What do you do if you get lost?

á       Watch where you are going – bike path, drifting, etc.

á       Who knows their parents phone number?

á       What are tides?  What to look and for and do in riptides.

á       Who are your instructors?

á       What to look for when you drift too far

á       Learn your camp leaders name and all the counselors names

á       Let the counselors help you with your wetsuit, clothes, sunscreen and anything you need.

á       Never walk without a counselor to the bathroom, restaurant, parking lot or anywhere

á       What do you do if a stranger asks you to help him find his puppy?  What if he wants to give you candy?  Do you go with them?  If they are not your camp leader you do not go anywhere with them.

á       Use your words:  if you want to be in a different group or want a different board or wetsuit ask us.  If you are bored let us know, we want to help you to always have fun.  Learn to surf & boogie board!

á       Use kind words: Treat others how you would want to be treated.  Would you like it if someone called you names?   What if someone threw sand at you or hit you?

á       What happens if you donŐt put sunscreen on in the morning, at lunch and in the afternoon?  Why is sunscreen so important?  Our skin is protects our inside organs that we donŐt see like our heart.  If we donŐt protect it we can get skin cancer and get really sick.  It will also make you look like a prune.

á       All campers must wear their green rash guard daily.  Put over wetsuits if wearing one.  They are yours to keep.  The wetsuits are not.  Return them to your counselors after camp.

á       No sharing lunch or snacks and cover your lunch box.

á       Who has allergies?  Always let counselors know if you are allergic to anything.

á       Throw away your trash.  What happens to trash when someone litters or throws it on the ground?

á       Listen to your camp leaders and counselors when they say eat, drink water, apply sunscreen and sit under tent.

á       Why is drinking water so important?  Why is food?  Why is shade?

á       Let us know your fears





á       Review Mondays topic first

á       Who has something healthy in their lunch today?  What is it?

á       What ate something healthy for breakfast?  What was it?

á       If you have a Ňlunch rightÓ you will get one of your veges of the day.   How many veggies do you need a day to grow reeeeaaallly big and strong?  1-2 cups daily.  That is like 4 handfuls a day!

á       Who has fruit in their lunch?  How much fruit should you eat a day?  The same!  4 handfuls/day!

á       Who knows what sugary drinks like sodas do to you?  They make you cranky, slow & tired.  What should you drink?  Lots of water especially here on the beach in the heat or while exercising

Stretching & Exercise

o   Why do we stretch?  To start your muscles by warming them up so you donŐt get hurt

o   What exercise do you like to do? Exercise keeps you healthy and makes you happy.

o   Why is yoga important?  It stretches your body, calms your thoughts and makes you smile


o   What do you when you cough or sneeze?  Vampire cough or Vampire sneeze

o   Why should you wash your hands all the time?  So you donŐt get sick or spread germs


o   What is pollution?  Stinky stuff, Mucky Mucky, PoisonÉ.yes!  all those things and more.  It is the smoke in the air, the trash on the ground, the chemicals we eat, drink & breathe that makes living things like me and you, animals and plants really sick.

o   Where does pollution come from?  People and the good news is we get to teach them how to stop.

o   Who knows what littering is?  When we throw trash on the ground it ends up in our ocean hurting our sea animals.  What litterbug treasure did you see that can hurt a sea animal?

o   What can you do to the plastic rings before throwing them away?  cut them so they donŐt get stuck around a bird or fishes neck

o   You can also ask your mom and dad to sweep the driveway rather than hose it down to save water and so the yucky stuff doesnŐt wash into our ocean

o   What happens when you let the water run while you brush your teeth?  You waste it and we need to use less water so we donŐt run out

o   The 3 RŐs:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - only buy what you will use and use again, so let mom and dad know that your snacks are better and safer in a container than a plastic bag

o   Who knows what recycle means?  DonŐt just toss everything in the trash. Lots of things (like cans, bottles, paper, and cardboard) can be remade into either the same kind of thing or new products.

o   What are other ways we can teach friends and family how to stop pollution?

o   Bike or carpool (cars create a lot of smoky pollution)

o   Buy local foods & try to be organic because it does not contain harmful chemicals

o   Ask mom and dad to not put chemicals on plants or grass before a storm

o   Ask mom and dad if you can all have a beach clean up play date



o   Who has been to an aquarium?  What did you see?  Did you see starfish, different types of crabs, different types of sharks and fish?

o   Who knows how fish breathe?  A. nose B. Gills  C. Blowhole

o   What do dolphins use to breathe? A. nose B. fins C. Blowhole

o   Does a jellyfish have a brain?  No!

o   What squirts ink? A. fish B. Octopus C. Whale

o   How long is the longest creature?  Draw 100 feet or get 100 feet rope/line and spread out to show how long a Blue Whale gets

o   Those are the types of fish and animals that will be sharing their homes with us today.

o   They swim away when they see us so drag your feet in the sand to make them see you better so we donŐt accidentally step on them.  They are our friends.

o   Did you know even the sharks are our friends?  They donŐt want or mean to hurt us.  They eat seals, other fish and sometimes dolphins, seals and other sharks.  They donŐt eat us. 

o   Who remembers how to help protect their home from pollution? DonŐt liter, cut plastic, recycle, etc.




o   What do you do when crossing the street or bike path?

o   When you are in the water, where should you be and what do you look for?

o   What do you do when lifeguards drive by?

o   What do you do if you are lost?

o   What do you do if you are bullied?

o   Never go to the bathroom or leave the camp by yourself. 

o   Bullying – use your words and let your counselor know

o   Who has done Martial Arts?  Can you show us any moves?

o   How can you protect yourself from mean people or people you donŐt know?

o   Listen to your gut.  If someone around you makes you uncomfortable listen to it because that means something is not right and tell whoever is watching you or your parents

o   if someone you do not know tries real hard to have you help him, donŐt and tell him to leave you alone.  You have a strong loud voice, use your words

o   Glare at the person, walk away immediately and raise your voice

o   Be aware of your surroundings.  Know where you are and always pay attention to what is going on around you

o   If someone you donŐt know grabs you and sayŐs ŇdonŐt yellÓÉyell anyway so people you know can hear you and help you if you need it

o   Take a martial arts class

o   How can you protect yourself in the ocean?

o   Never have your back to the waves – they can push you down

o   Stay near a lifeguard station

o   Wear a bright colored rash guard.  What color is ours?

o   What do you do if you drift down the beach?

o   What do you do if you are lost?