Camp Ages 4-7

Beach/Surf Camps (ages 4-7)

Our Beach Camps (ages 4-7) and Surf Camp (ages 8-17) are next to each other making it an easy one stop drop for you!


SINCE 2001

HALF DAY:  9-12pm or 12pm-3pm (4/5pm late pick up)
FULL DAY:  9-3pm (4/5pm late pick up)
Early Drop Off:  8:30am drop off available

Offering flexible scheduling.  Hi!  I am a mom, the owner, Robbie Yrigoyen, and I have found a way to turn my passion into work starting in 2001.  More about me here. I have a 5 & 7 year old so I know how busy you are!  That is why I offer flexible scheduling so you can plug in days of camp that work around your schedule.  When you register, you simply select the “days” or “weeks” (does not have to be consecutive) in the spring and summer months and you can conveniently log into your account and move the days before 24 hours if something comes up.  Days can not be removed once paid but you can move them around.

Perfect Day Surf Camp is a professional mom and pop shop ran and operated by me, my family and friends.  More about me here.  The more moms & dads working at the beach the better!  We have been fortunate to have Quiksilver as our sponsors to advise us on professional training, provide us with cool items for campers and discounts for our staff.

Our camp for ages 4-7 is a beach camp where one on one surfing is offered even for our non swimmers (see how we do it here).  Our more experienced water babies will be able to surf and boogie board more with our 4:1 ratio in the water while our less experienced campers will engage in more beach games in and out of the water learning  how to be safe and mindful at all times.  We will have daily topics on waves, tides, currents, pollution and more prepping them for our Surf Camps and Junior Guards.  Parents are welcome to express their desire to have their child surf more when necessary but know the fear at this age will set them back.  Our instructors are excellent at encouraging all to surf but they will not force it.  See below for testimonials.

ITINERARY: 2017 BEACH CAMP ITINERARY & Beach Camp Daily Topics.

It is America so do what you like, but we encourage parents to not stick around to avoid performance anxiety. This will help your child progress in our goals of creating waterman. Also, it is difficult for the staff to know who is watching your child when they run off to be with you. We suggest holding off if your child still has separation anxiety.  Must be potty trained.

WHAT TO BRING: (directions & what to bring emailed to you after registering)
lunch, snacks, bottle water (refills available), towel, sweatshirt, hat, sunscreen, warm change of clothes, wetsuit & boogie board if you have one (we provide both).  Money is optional for restaurants, the pier stores, farmers market runs & camp hat (depending on location). Wetsuits are provided but the sizes are limited. A size too small or too big will still work. Please be sure to return or a fee will apply.


S.REDONDO/TORRANCE (schedule by the day)
Spring 4/9-4/13 @ Knob Location only
Summer 6/11-8/24

KNOB HILL LOCATION: (schedule by the week)
(call 310-318-0610 ext 3460)
Spring 4/9-4/13
Summer 6/25-8/24

Spring (Knob Hill Redondo Location only)
Summer 6/15-8/24

Spring 3/26-4/6
Summer 6/11-8/31

HALF DAY:  9-12pm or 12pm-3pm
FULL DAY:  9-3pm
Early Drop Off:  8:30am drop off available
Late Pick Up:  4 & 5pm


Santa Monica (ages 4-17)

Santa Monica, this location is at 530 PCH at  lot 9 the parking lot one block South of the Annenberg Beach House  . You can walk to Annenberg Beach House  which is a public beach facility where you can enjoy the pool, sign up for stand up paddle boarding, yoga and more while your kids are surfing.  You can also enjoy the beach front restaurant Back on the Beach Cafe .  We are along the bike path where you can also get your exercise if interested or simply do a free drop off and pick up in our convenient parking lot.

475 Pacific Coast Hwy-Google Maps

Manhattan Beach (ages 4-17)

Manhattan Beach is located just South of the Manhattan Pier at 7th st.  You can take a nice walk to the pier and enjoy the various restaurants and shops.  We are along the bike path where you can also get in your exercise if interested or simply drop and pick up your kids at our free drop off and pick up location at 700 Ocean dr.

Redondo Beach (ages 4-17)

Redondo Beach, we have two locations in Redondo (Redondo and Torrance).  Both are South of the Redondo Pier, but the “Redondo” location is our weekly city camp on the Northern end of the Esplanade and the “Torrance” location is at the Southern end of the Esplanade and is our more flexible camp where you can schedule by the day.  We are along the bike path and have free pick up and drop off along the street at Knob and Esplanade.

S. Redondo @ Torrance Beach  (ages 4-17)

Torrance Beach, this location is at the southern end of the Esplanade bordering Redondo and Torrance Beach.  You enter the large beach parking lot on Paseo De La Playa and go to the south end near the exit and mountain side where you will see our camp vans and sign in table.  We are along the bike path and walking distance to the Riviera Village.  This camp is our flexible, schedule by the day camp.

Price reduces when you reach the minimum days in left column below.

Days do not need to be consecutive.  We recommend at least 3-5 days per week and multiple weeks to learn surfing.

Days & all season pass are non-transferrable and can not be shared.  All season pass allows you to conveniently schedule days 24 hours in advance at one location.

Prices include city fees

MINIMUM DAYS HALF DAY (9-12pm or 12-3pm)
FULL DAY (9-3pm)
1-4 days (Single pkg) $75 per day $ 110 per day
5-24 days (1-4 week pkg) $60 per day $90 per day
25-39 days (5+ week pkg) $55 per day $75 per day
All Season Pass $1999 unlimited am/pm/full days $1999 Unlimited days

8:30am early drop off available for $8
4 or 5pm pick up for $20/hour
DISCOUNTS:  10% additional siblings

Refund Policy -a $15 administrative fee may apply for schedule changes within 24 hours

Perfect Day Surf Camp Session

Perfect Day’s 6 and 8 year olds surfing (Willow and Wyatt)

Perfect Day’s teenage surfers

A Day at Perfect Day Surf Camp

Surf Camp “rail grabs” at Torrance Beach

Perfect Day Surf Camp song with Mickey Mouse

Cystic Fibrosis Surf Day with Pro Surfers Kala Alexander, Lisa Anderson and Reef McIntosh

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