Beach Camps

Beach Camps (ages 3-7)

Our Beach Camps (ages 3-7) and Surf Camp (ages 8-17) are next to each other making it an easy one stop drop for you!


Perfect Day Surf Camp is presented by Quiksilver and Roxy Surf Camps, ran and operated by a mother of two young ones who understands children’s needs. We are one of the only camps that offer wetsuits and a low student to instructor ratio. Our ultimate goal is to teach surf lessons and boogie board lessons to all ages even our 3 year olds (if conditions allow).  Most of our beach campers do not know how to swim so it is one on one when we teach them surfing or boogie boarding and we stay in close to shore on the white wash.  In between surfing and boogie boarding we do water play, build sand castles and have organized beach games for team building in hopes to create a sense of belonging, encourages tolerance and team spirit, improves communications skills, and builds confidence.  We also educate on how to be safe at the beach and in the water with our daily topics on ocean awareness, sea life and environmental awareness.

We ensure safety with our low student to counselor ratios (1:1 boogie & surf lessons, 4:1 water play & 7:1 beach activities).  This camp introduces everything they need to learn (besides swimming) to join our surf camps.  Patience is key at this age because one bad experience from a wave can set them back so we like to introduce the water to them with a game that forces them to run in and out of the waters edge retrieving a ball in the “Water Ball Game” or doing relay races.  We will teach how to manage waves and whitewash, where to take off in the wave, how to swim past the break (wave) and back in safely (for our swimmers) and eventually how to boogie board and surf!

My goal last year was to have my 2 and 4 year old not run away from the whitewash as it rolled up on shore like it was going to bite them and succeeded…my 4 year old was even body surfing by the end!  This years goal is to get the now 3 year old to do the same and maybe the now 5 year old will surf! :)  I also want to provide the education I want them to have over summer break. Smile All must be potty trained and comfortable enough to leave without the parent present. Separation anxiety children will not be ready for our camp.

Spring Camp:  April 6-10

Summer Camp:  June 22-Aug 28

Minumum Days  Half Day Full Day
1-4 days (Single pkg)   $60 $120
5-19 days (1-3 week pkg) $55 $110
20-49 days (4+ week pkg) $50 $100
All Season Pass (50+days) $45 $90

Perfect Day Surf Camp Session

Perfect Day’s 6 and 8 year olds surfing (Willow and Wyatt)

Perfect Day’s teenage surfers

A Day at Perfect Day Surf Camp

Surf Camp “rail grabs” at Torrance Beach

Perfect Day Surf Camp song with Mickey Mouse

Cystic Fibrosis Surf Day with Pro Surfers Kala Alexander, Lisa Anderson and Reef McIntosh

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Surf Camps

Our surf camps are Ages 8-17 (Beach Camp 3-7) focusing on teaching children how to become confident and safe waterman while learning to surf waves.

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Beach Camps

Our beach camps are ages 3-7 focusing on team building, water and beach safety and learning to surf and boogie board with one on one attention.

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Private Lessons

We have experienced surf instructors from around the world eager to teach surfing any day any time and at any location year round.  All ages welcome.

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Stand Up Paddling

We provide quality stand up paddle boards to teach the basics of SUP.  Sign up for a private year round or our scheduled classes with affordable pricing.

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Parties & Events

This is our staffs favorite event.  Give your child, spouse or company a memorable and unique experience by having Perfect Day organize a Surf Party.

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Want to get a head start before camp?  Start with our surf or SUP classes with more private surf instruction at affordable prices.

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