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AGES 3-17
Perfect Day Surf Camp is presented by Quiksilver and Roxy Surf Camps. Our summer programs are operated by a mother of two young ones who understands children's needs. We are one of the only camps that offer wetsuits and a low student to instructor ratio. Our ultimate goal is to teach surf lessons and boogie board lessons to all ages in our surf camp, beach camp and even our toddler beach camp to help them become strong and safe waterman. We also have an advanced surfers camp to improve their skills and take them to competition level if they desire to compete. The great thing for you is the surf camp and beach camps are located at the same spot making it an easy one stop drop for all your children.


Our preschoolers beach camp (ages 3-7) below need more structure and a lower ratio of 1:1 surfing & boogie boarding instruction, while our older or more experienced kids (ages 7-17) have a 5:1 ratio in the surf camp & our new 3 day hour and half surf lessons camp. The camps for the older more experienced child is less structured because these kids want to spend most of their time in the water surfing and boogie boarding. We also coordinate beach activites and games like volleyball, prisoner, soccer, capture the flag, dodge-ball and more but our goal is to encourage all campers to learn water skills and become strong waterman and lifelong surfers. Each camper will learn water safety, etiquette & technique. (see topics here) We are sensitive to each child's desires and let them decide what they want to do while encouraging them to get instruction in the water.

Our Beach Camp for ages 3-7 will also learn to surf and boogie board (if conditions allow), but they need 1:1 surfing and boogie boarding instruction and more structure will help them learn how to be confident in the ocean. Please note, any child that is not a good swimmer will only get surfing or boogie board instruction on days where the tide and swell are safe enough to prevent them from falling off the board. It will be very difficult to get them back into the ocean if dunked and defeat our purpose. We also want our future generation to learn responsibility through our fun ocean awareness, sea life and environmental awareness activities and games. (see schedule here) This program has a lower student to instructor ratio (1:1 boogie & surf lessons, 4:1 water play & 7:1 beach activities). Our goal is to take baby steps into helping them become comfortable in the ocean so they can move over to our Surf Camp. Even the daily splashing near the waters edge will only build their confidence. Then we would work on the next steps of how to manage waves and whitewash, where to take off in the wave, how to swim past the break (wave) and back in safely and eventually how to boogie board and surf! My goal this year is to have my 2 and 4 year old not run away from the whitewash as it rolls up on shore like it was going to bite them! And to provide the education I want them to have over summer break. Smile All must be potty trained and comfortable enough to leave without the parent present. Separation anxiety children will not be ready for our camp.

Groups divided by age and gender if preferred and friends stick together. We encourage parents come on Fridays only to avoid performance anxiety. This will help your child progress in our goals of creating water babies. Also, it is difficult for the staff to know who is watching your child when they run off to be with you.
Wetsuits are provided but the sizes are limited. A size too small or too big will still work. More about camps here

For your peace of mind, our camp managers & lead surf instructors are mature adults and a credentialed teacher for our preschool program. Some are lifeguards, a nurse & parents themselves who are Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid & AED Certified. The owner is a mother of a 2 and 4 year old who understands the needs of young children and will staff accordingly to meet those needs. They too will attend the program so we will be certain to keep it safe. The staff is professionally trained waterman to be aware of everything on the beach around them and in the water, so trust that all will be in good hands. We also include young surfers (most on local surf teams) that relate to our campers who can motivate and influence them. The surf is a sandy beach bottom break safe for beginners and we do not get in the water when unsafe which is rare for Summer. If you ever have concerns, please bring it to the managers attention any time and they will help comfort you. More about owner here

  • Ran and operated by a mother of two young ones that understands childrens needs
  • Sponsored by Quiksilver and Roxy since 2001
  • One of the only camps that offer wetsuits (our water is chilly!)
  • We offer flexible scheduling. You do not have to commit to a week. You can spread your days over the summer.
  • We offer high quality and affordable programs
  • we have 5 locations staffed with CPR Certified & Lifeguard trained staff

Santa Monica: Directions
Dockweiler Beach:  El Segundo/Playa del Rey: Directions
  • (Ages 5-17) Surf/Beach Camp  - $50 2014 SPECIAL
Redondo / Torrance Beach:
  • (Ages 5-17) Spring Surf Camp
  • (Ages 3-7) Beach Camp - Torr Tower
  • (Ages 7-17) Surf/Beach Camp - Torr Tower & Knob Hill Ave.
  • (Ages 9-17) M/W/F Surf Class Camp 8:30-10 & 10:30-12
    (All Ages) T/TH Stand Up Paddle Board Camp 8:30-10 & 10:30-12
    (All Ages) Advanced Surf Camp - Year Round Surf Club Sessions 8:30-10 & 10:30-12
Manhattan Beach: Directions
  • (Ages 5-17) Spring Camp at 7th st. (am surfing and pm beach camp)
  • (Ages 5-17) Summer Camp at 7th st. (am surfing and pm beach camp)
June 9-Aug 29 (Sept 12 for SMonica & Torrance)

Early Drop off: 8:30am
Full Day: 9-3 (4/5pm pick up available)
Half Day: 9-12pm or 12-3pm (4/5pm pick up available)
Late Pick Up: 4 & 5pm (Torrance and Santa Monica only)
See below for 1.5 hour surf lesson camp and stand up paddle board camps.

Schedule daily & volume pricing below. Add one time $25 registration fee (includes rashguard)

1-3 WEEK RATE: $200 half day or $400 full day (ages 7-17)
1-3 WEEK RATE: $275 half day or $550 full day (ages 3-7)

Volume price breaks at 5+am or 5+pm day below and they do not need to be consecutive. Spread them out over the summer that works with your schedule. Can not be combined between siblings.

Minumum Days                      Surf Camp (age 7-17)           Beach Camp (age 3-7)
1-4 days (Single pkg)               $50 1/2 day/$100 full            $60 1/2 day/$120 full (ages 3-7 camp)
5-19 days (1-3 week pkg)         $40 1/2 day/$80 full             $55 1/2 day/$110 full (ages 3-7 camp)
20-49 days (4+ week pkg)        $35 1/2 day/$70 full             $50 1/2 day/$100 full (ages 3-7 camp)
All Season Pass (50+days)        $32 1/2 day/$64 full             $45 1/2 day/$90 full (ages 3-7 camp)


$8/day (40/week) Early Drop off 8:30am
$12/day (60/week) 4pm pick up (Torr Tower and Santa Monica only)
$20/day (100/week) 5pm pick up (Torr Tower and Santa Monica only)


M/W/F 8:30-10am or 10:30-12pm = $110/125 a week (no discounts)

T/TH 8:30-10am or 10:30-12pm = $110/125 a week (no discounts)

DISCOUNTS: Discounts can not be applied to single day reservations, the $25 registration fee or aftercare and can not be combined with any other promotion, certificates, gift cards, deal site vouchers or other discounted offer.

  • $50 off before May 1st for 4+ days only (not applicable at Knob Hill & 2/3 day camps in Torrance)
  • 10% off each additional sibling after May 1st (not applicable at Knob Hill & 2/3 day camps in Torrance)
  • $50 off Dockweiler location all 2014 summer
WHAT TO BRING: (directions & what to bring emailed to you after registering)
lunch, snacks, bottle water (refills available), towel, sweatshirt, hat, sunscreen, warm change of clothes, wetsuit if you have one (we provide them), boogie boards are shared so bring yours if you want to & label all gear. Also, money is optional for restaurants, the pier stores, farmers market runs & camp hat.

Refund Policy
-a $15 administrative fee will be charged for modifications within 24 hours



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