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About perfect day

Meet owner, Robbie Yrigoyen

"Teaching people how to surf has been my dream job and growing my business to where I can employ expert instructors to help spread the love of surfing  has made that dream even better.  My staff and I have a passion for surfing, helping others, the ocean and life!"

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Robbie Yrigoyen & Her Family

Founder of Perfect Day Surf Camp

Perfect Day Surf Camp was founded in 2001 by Robbie Yrigoyen after a conversation with a friend, Bob McKnight (CEO of Quiksilver at the time) about wanting a change. Bob knew Robbie's surfing and business experience and proposed the idea of her opening surf camps that Quiksilver would sponsor. Robbie opened and ran 5 Star hotel bars and restaurants such as Hollywood's SKYBAR in the Mondrian Hotel, The Standard Hotel in LA, Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica and more.

Before kids, Robbie spent her vacations in Tavarua, Fiji braving Cloud Break and Restaurants waves. She competed on an intermediate level, she participated in non-profit surf camps for underprivileged kids and she understood business. She proposed a business plan to Quiksilver's marketing team in 2000 and has since grown to four locations in the greater Los Angeles areas. Robbie also started a fashion belt business in her name Robbie French Designs that sold to 600 high end stores world wide. After her 2nd child in 2011 she chose to focus only on the surf camps and being a mom and wife.

Robbie's passion is to help others so she has partnered with non-profit organizations giving a surf day experience to those that can not afford it, people with disabilities and therapy for recovering addicts and battered women.  She encourages anyone with the same passion to reach out if they have something on their heart that Perfect Day can help with.

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

 -Mahatma Gandhi


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