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Get your child safe ready for the beach and surfing!

Summer is the perfect time to take your water baby to the magnificent beaches of Southern California and give them the California experience of surfing. Surfing is amazing but requires you to learn its skills if you want to become a professional or be a safe while in the lineup to surf. Why not lay the foundation for making your child a lifelong surfer?

Enroll him/her in the lil’ grom camp for ages 4-8, surf camp 8-17, surf school ages 8-17 or our Junior Guard Prep camp where the CPR, AED, and lifeguard certified surf instructors are teaching surfing & boogie boarding lessons and water safety to all levels. They will also make your kids aware about surf etiquette, ocean safety, and awareness in beaches. In order to provide decent attention to all the kids, a 5:1 surf instructor ratio is followed. Not only this, one on one attention is also provided whenever required.

Apart from surfing, your kids get to take part in beach activities and play games like volleyball, prisoner, soccer, dodge-ball, capture the flag and more. But, the main goal is to encourage all the campers to learn water skills.

Even if your child is ages 4 to 7 years old and do not know how to swim or are not strong swimmers we will teach them to surf! They are also told how to be safe and mindful at all times.

They will also walk away with our daily topics

Monday - Rules & safetyTuesday - Pollution & contest tricksWednesday - Etiquettes & wave knowledgeThursday - Go over handoutFriday - Surf contest

The topics revolve around waves, tides, currents, pollution. Once your children become little experienced in surfing they can take part in the Surf Camps or become junior guards. The surf instructors encourage the campers for surfing but do not force them to try it.

You do not need to worry about your kids’ safety at all. They are in absolutely safe hands The surf experts are carrying tons of experience in handling surf enthusiasts. Your kids will learn a lot and be stoked every day!

The camping hours have been kept flexible so you can plug in days of camp that work around your busy schedule. If needed, you can move the dates and timings around at 5pm the day before in case something comes up. Register your children now!


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